Quickly jotted down some of my thoughts about the reasons why medical college work is horrible.


BTW, my youtube channel has 99 subscribers now. If I reach 100 today, I'll make a video today.


These days there is lots of pressure on people to believe that there is no way to arrive at truth and that there are multiple (and contradictory) possible truths. Do not fall into that trap.

Just another way of saying "be patient" when it comes to change.


Recently discovered a nifty (and thrifty) video capturing setup. Stand back for more video contents 🏖


The magics of scrcpy asd.learnlearn.in

Finding districts without Domino's Pizza


Districts without Domino's asd.learnlearn.in

After about 5 years of dormancy, migrated learnlearn.in to hugo. Going to create more wiki style content there.

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They say you can't be a good doctor until you've killed five patients. Similarly, you cannot be a good sysadmin until you've ran an open relay mail server.


Hardening Mailu asd.learnlearn.in

I'm not sure if I've said this here. I have been studying "leadership" for many years – unaffiliated to any university. I haven't put together my thesis yet. But it is gonna come soon. This article came up in a lit search today and it is very nice


You Need Two Leadership Gears Harvard Business Review

Just documenting some know-how about (automatic and manual)


Subtitling Experiments 2023 asd.learnlearn.in

In which I heavily quote Ravikant Kisana to state that our world is built on lies and that a radical commitment to truth is what we need to escape savarna mediocrity


Often I read ABC's writing and figure out certain problems in their politics. But seldom am I able to convince XYZ that these problems exist.

Spent a couple of hours boosting security of @prav@venera.social


I've written a lot about intersectionality. I finally realize a lot of what I say when I talk about intersectionality is actually about the non-binary.


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