It is interesting how many problems you can discover with the 5-why approach of root cause analysis and how easily?!

And it is frustrating how long it takes to work on them.

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Capitalism forces people to question the idea of shared ownership and collectives everywhere and all the time. In this post I examine whether open-source maintainers giving up open-source is actually an example of the tragedy of the commons as thought by some.

A quick run through on the spectrum of disagreements on social justice work

This subscriber only article from TNM is like a textbook chapter in modern India's political history. It talks a lot about the pragmatic politics of Ambedkar and gave me an entirely new perspective about pragmatism. Mallikarjun Kharge's Ism is a few lessons on its own. This article alone is worth a subscription, if you aren't already a subscriber.

In which I discuss some Freire without reading Freire

I have a few simple thumb-rules

✅ If most people in our pro-people circles were right, we would have a fairer, equitable, and just society years ago. We don't have such a society precisely because there's a lot of cognitive lapses in the pro-people circles.

✅ All human beings are animal brains with plenty of cognitive biases and other traps. All of us are struggling all the time with these. Questioning ourselves all the time is the one way to help ourselves out of our human condition.

✅ There is no difference between an elite group of tech-bros stoned on weed and worrying about the state of the world, and a democratic group of health activists dreaming about an alternate social reality (except perhaps the weed). In either case, the material reality of the world doesn't change.

🏁 Let the only indicator of the right path be change in material reality. Either people coming out of ill health (ideal) or at least elite people coming out of their cocoons and calling out the system and actually making sacrifices (not a good proxy, but maybe useful)

There are at least two-three separate related skills that's lacking in this side of the world:

  1. The ability to stand up against a friend circle and say the unpopular thing (contrarian)
  2. The ability to hold an opposing viewpoint in mind, think sincerely about it, and find points of agreement/disagreement (as opposed to emotionally and viscerally opposing the opposing viewpoint, without even engaging with it "as if it were true") (rational thinking)
  3. The ability to cut through cruft and focus on the core point and politics being put forward by any particular person (reading between the lines)

I tested Indic Subtitler on a project I had earlier subtitled manually. There were some rough edges (missing lines and incorrect words) but these can be fixed easily from the in-built editor. It would have saved me hours of manual typing. The development of this project is at breakneck speed too!

Indic Subtitler - Home

Quickly jotted down some of my thoughts about the reasons why medical college work is horrible.

BTW, my youtube channel has 99 subscribers now. If I reach 100 today, I'll make a video today.

These days there is lots of pressure on people to believe that there is no way to arrive at truth and that there are multiple (and contradictory) possible truths. Do not fall into that trap.

Just another way of saying "be patient" when it comes to change.

Recently discovered a nifty (and thrifty) video capturing setup. Stand back for more video contents 🏖

The magics of scrcpy

Finding districts without Domino's Pizza

Districts without Domino's

After about 5 years of dormancy, migrated to hugo. Going to create more wiki style content there.

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They say you can't be a good doctor until you've killed five patients. Similarly, you cannot be a good sysadmin until you've ran an open relay mail server.

Hardening Mailu