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Introducing the Most Powerful Liberated Computer (so far)! 14″ FULL HD IPS MATTE Display + Quad-Core CPU + upto 3 SSDs!


#coreboot #freesoftware #liberatedhardware #libretechshop

LC440p - Liberated Computer Libre Tech Shop

Seeing a spike in DNS queries this month. I think this is due to social.learnlearn.in getting queried by numerous servers in the fediverse. Second order effects of systems are beginning.

Your zones reached 60% of your account quota.  Details:   Total traffic produced this month: 180 Thousand queries. Current traffic quota: 0.3 Million queries/month.

Set up https://omeka.org/s/ for SOCHARA. OMG! How powerful is it?!

Omeka S omeka.org
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Public health research in India operates in 4 domains a) biomedical-clinical research b)disease specific - vaccination intervention research c)the upcoming behavioural intervention research

None of this tries to see health from a social perspective. None of this focuses on caste based disparities. Whatever little we have of social medicine in this country, is conveniently labelled as social science and never brought up in policy circles.

What if I told you how much money I have?


Money Matters blog.learnlearn.in

Totally missing out

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First day of #MDCPalakkad2022 ends. Met a LOT of people after manyyyy years!

Finally got to rant about politics+tech to people who have the same interests. All these rants I had bubbled up finally got out today haha :D

If you're a feminist, but you have a problem with being called a "feminist", perhaps you're not a feminist.

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You may find this page useful : https://www.wildwanderer.com/flowering-trees/

Most of the trees found in Bangalore are listed here.

I'm really curious about how the algorithms decide to show me the ads that they show me. Like, who do they think I am.

There are so many different trees on this road and the only tree I can identify is mango tree if it has mangoes.

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Good news!
The Software Freedom Camp (Diversity Edition) 2022 will start from 27 November 2022.
You can register as learner, mentor or submit a talk at camp.fsci.in.

Looking forward to see you there.

Please spread the word.
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Moving here.

Life tip: If you drop your loved ones at railway station, never wait at the platform till the train leaves.

Found a robin-sized bird that was chiseling a hole in a tree by the roadside, almost indistinguishable from the tree. Asked @manoj@aana.site what bird it is half sure that there's no way to identify it from that description.

Got this whole story as the answer


I just changed the CSS of my @dev@microblog.pub server and now my fediverse is dark themed 😼 😻