What's the point of Twitter anymore?


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Enjoyed reading this article about structural violence (even though the most I understood is that the violence I feel at banks and hospitals are real)


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I was at FOSSMeet '23 of NIT Calicut the other day. In 2016 when I went there I wrote a blog post. This year I couldn't. But Atharva wrote a post that I concur with (which also discusses my talk in the conference). https://blog.nilenso.com/blog/2023/03/20/fossmeet-2023

I've downloaded the fragments that were recorded and put them on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/m5hpysn1aXM

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Contradictions between "professionalism" and "politics" will keep giving sleepless nights to ethical souls.


This long article about the horrendous company called white hat junior gave me the word I was looking for my whole life to describe many/most capitalistic organizations.


This is an excerpt from the book Sense and Solidarity by Jean Drèze. The excerpt appears on the website of @roadscholarz@mstdn.social as their philosophy. This is the research vibe that I enjoy and anticipate. This is the standard with which I judge research and researchers.


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"The word ‘intersectionality’ within the neoliberal spaces has also become quite a buzzword. In the context of identity politics, it aims to democratize the representation of all identities. But often it is consumed as theory and not as day-to-day praxis. There’s already a lot of labor put into ideating and foregrounding possible avenues of inclusion by dalit people, queer people, trans* people. It is common knowledge that hiring more and more marginalized people, investing in their leadership journey, taking responsibilities of their upskilling, and mentorship are basics of their inclusion— yet very few organisations that are not lead by queer-trans or/and dalit people adopts this as an organisational practise."


Dalit Queer people in Non Profit: Decoding Posturing and Praxis - Mavelinadu Mavelinadu - An anti-caste publication and community space

"But these online uncles are easy targets. My conversations on workplace politics offer a more complex and nuanced picture of the unhelpful uncle. The men that drew maximum ire from the women I interviewed were not right-wing WhatsApp uncles. Instead, I heard multiple stories about how self-professed liberal uncles, often beta-men, could inflict chronic damage on a woman’s career and confidence. Navigating and complaining about a clear and clumsy display of bias is far more straightforward—although onerous—than its subtle and sophisticated form."


Sent a patch to https://prosody.im/doc/xeplist

Just a typofix.

But hg, patch, mailing list - the whole rigmarole.

Not complaining. I was in a meeting and had time to kill.

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If you have played with ChatGPT and you feel secure in your career, you should contact me!


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There are ways to critique medicine. But using science to critique it is bound to fail.


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