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Subtitling Experiments 2023 asd.learnlearn.in

In which I heavily quote Ravikant Kisana to state that our world is built on lies and that a radical commitment to truth is what we need to escape savarna mediocrity


Often I read ABC's writing and figure out certain problems in their politics. But seldom am I able to convince XYZ that these problems exist.

Spent a couple of hours boosting security of @prav@venera.social


I've written a lot about intersectionality. I finally realize a lot of what I say when I talk about intersectionality is actually about the non-binary.


Akshay S Dinesh shared 7 months ago
Akshay S Dinesh shared 7 months ago

There's this functionality that I have done twenty times in vim but after searching stackoverflow every single time. And that is to edit the beginning of a bunch of lines. You've gotta switch to visual mode, select lines, then do some keys, all so difficult to remember.

I'm trying out helix today and it is the first thing I tried and it is so easy to remember.

Select all the lines you want (you can use x to select lines). Start substitution with s Enter regex (^ is what I want) Do what it is that you want? Change with c, insert with i. Esc


Akshay S Dinesh shared 7 months ago


Seems like this is the time to move to WordPress

ActivityPub WordPress.org

All problems are simple if you have enough free time.

Cleared all emails in all inboxes. Now I can go back to procrastination.

In the last article of the series, Ravikant Kisana gives me the answer to the question that keeps unsettling me – 'How is it that people who speak radical words also do regressive things without blinking?'


Wordle 827 3/6*




Wordle 815 4/6*

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Wanted tiling windows for some reason. And OMG! KDE has it built-in now!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D28yWWBkVkk

Wrote a quick guide to download administrative boundaries at ward level from OpenStreetMap